We’ve Played a Part in Raising £60,000+ For Good C

We’ve Played a Part in Raising £60,000+ For Good Causes.

Scottish Property Centre is proud to be part of a network of estate agents that have helped donate more than £60,000 to charities and community groups across the UK over the past four years.

Our membership of the Estate Agent Content Club (EACC), which provides marketing services to non-competing independent agencies, reached the landmark earlier this month, four years after it launched.

The donations are made via The Karma Club, the community support arm of the EACC.

Jerry Lyons, the EACC’s founder, said: “The Karma Club match funds our members’ donations and fundraising efforts. We take £5 from Scottish Property Cenre and all other members’ monthly subscriptions and put it into a big Karma Kitty. This is then shared with members who are doing good things locally.

“Since January 2019, we’ve donated £35,000 this way, and the total we’ve achieved when adding to our members’ donations is now more than £60,000 and rising each month. Scottish Property Centre has played an important part in making this all possible.”

Craig Smith, Director at Scottish Property said: “We’re delighted to be a part of the EACC as we share its values of being generous, community-minded and doing the right thing for our clients, colleagues and communities.”

“We take immense pride in the accomplishments we have achieved collectively through the EACC and The Karma Club. We remain dedicated to making a positive impact, supporting good causes, and actively contributing to improving our communities for everyone.”

“Some of the local charities and good causes that have benefitted from our donations include Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice, Finn’s Place in Battlefield, Castleton Primary School in Castlemilk, Will Graham towards his recovery after suffering a brain aneursym, Doing it for Daniel Foundation, Queens Park Boys Football Club, Mearns United Boys Football Club, and Braidbar Primary School in Giffnock towards their new playground.”

“We are always looking at new ways to support the communities we work in, so please contact us if you run a group or club that we may be able to help in whatever way we can.”

You can get in touch via our website - https://scottishpropertycentre.net/local-community