What is a Passivhaus?

23/11/2018 09:52:13

  • ‘Passivhaus’ or ‘Passive House’ buildings are built to a demanding set of energy Standards set out by the ‘Passivhaus Institut’ in Germany.
  • Because they require little energy to heat, they do not need a conventional heating system, keeping energy bills low.
  • Self-heating is achieved by using high-performance insulation in the construction, high quality, triple-glazed windows and a high specification of airtightness.
  • A conventional heating system can be replaced with a smaller system, supplemented by heat recovered from using appliances and through the ventilation system, as well as from occupants’ body heat.
  • The building ‘breathes’ through a virtually silent and automatic, mechanical ventilation system that features a smart heat recovery component that avoids any waste.
  • Windows and doors can be opened as usual and the building retains a steady internal temperature of 20°C, even when it drops below freezing externally.
  • Passivhaus buildings can be constructed in any architectural style. All feature large south-facing windows, with fewer facing north to conserve heat and take advantage of solar gain.
  • Typically, they use 10% of the heating energy of similarly designed, conventional buildings.

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