What are the Housing Market Facts in the Scottish Government Phased Route Map?

22/05/2020 11:52:15

Scotland is currently still in complete lockdown however the First Minister has now revealed her governments plans to loosen restrictions with a five-point phased road map.

The housing market only gets a brief mention.

In Phase 1, which is due to start on 28th May, house builders will be able to resume construction activities and it states we will be ‘preparing for the safe reopening of the house market’.

In Phase 2, currently expected to start 3 weeks later on 18th June, it mentions a ‘relaxation of restrictions on housing moves’.

In Phase 3, non-essential indoor office workplaces will be allowed to re-open. This phase is likely to begin on 11th August. There is no mention if estate agencies are classed as ‘non-essential indoor office workplaces’. If they are, and we’ve to wait until August to open, it would seem to contradict the mentions of the housing market in Phase 1 and 2.

For now, this is all the facts and information we have to go on. Since yesterdays announcement, we have seen many news stories and eye-catching headlines on when the industry is to reopen and what we can and cannot do. All of them are reporting different information as they are basing it on their own assumptions.

The most sensible statement has come from professional body, Propertymark which stated “We are aware of press reports which set a date for the reopening of the housing market. In Phase Two of the route map they anticipate a relaxation of restrictions on housing moves, however, we are reviewing the guidance and talking to the Scottish Government and will let members know what this means for you and your businesses as soon as there is clarity.”

Craig Smith, Director of Scottish Property Centre Shawlands, commented “Yesterdays release of Scotland’s phased road map is welcome news and we all look forward to having a bit of freedom to see family and friends soon. In terms of the housing market, the information is vague and open to interpretation, leaving more questions than answers. Rather than speculate, we anticipate more specific and detailed information for our industry over the next week as we lead up to Phase 1 on 28th May.”

Whenever the lockdown ends, at Scottish Property Centre we will be ready to go thoughtfully and steadily because we’ve been preparing for this moment for weeks.

We have Personal Protective Equipment, we have stocked up on sanitisers, social distancing signs and prepared our Be Clean Be Safe protocols and policies.

We look forward to start serving our clients safely, sensibly, and successfully.

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