We’ve Gone Virtual – For Real

14/10/2020 08:18:49

Like many people, we learned a lot during the lockdown.

When the property market went on hold for the best part of twelve weeks, we had time to look at how we did things and to explore new ideas.

Top of our to-do list was to look at ways we could improve what we do for our clients.

The need for social distancing and reducing the risks linked to Covid-19 led us to invest in virtual technology which now allows us to sell and let homes more safely and successfully.

As well as HD Video Tours, we’ve introduced a 360-degree camera and mapping software which allows people to take a virtual tour of your home. It’s a very fancy piece of kit, but we see virtual tours as being a ‘must-have’ in the future as buyers and tenants become more tech-savvy.

Here’s how it works:

We visit your property and using the special camera and computer software we map out the home with a video tour which you can access and control from your device, be that a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Why it works:

Creating a video tour which the viewer controls from the comfort of their own home means you reduce the number of in-person viewings.  At first glance, that sentence might seem odd as to achieve the best possible price you need the maximum amount of people viewing a property to create interest and demand.

But the number of online viewings increase dramatically because a virtual tour tells a much more detailed property story than a slideshow of photos.

If people are really interested in your property, they’ll then request a second viewing.

Seeing is Believing

Words don’t do our new technology justice, so, if you want to see how one of our virtual tours looks click the link for this penthouse apartment we were recently marketing - https://bit.ly/3ijTHVr

Thanks for reading.

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