Seven Ways to Soothe Back to School Nerves in Scotland

17/08/2020 10:31:50

In this 3-minute read, we look at seven things you can do to ease the back to school nerves children may be facing as they start their new academic year this week.

The lockdown and ongoing fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic have been tough for everyone.

But it’s been especially hard for school-aged children.

They’ve gone months without seeing a lot of their friends, have had their routine turned upside down and now face new worries as the schools reopen in Scotland.

It’s going to be a challenging time for parents and kids, but these seven ideas from the University of Calgary in Canada can help ease any Covid-19 concerns that going back to school may bring.

1)            Be honest and open

Don’t gloss over the facts and be truthful about what children can expect when they go to school, which now looks and feels very different than life before lockdown. For younger kids talk to them about changes in their classroom, how some activities will be postponed until things return to normal and make them aware that some familiar people may now be wearing unfamiliar face masks.  Ask older children if they have any concerns or want to talk about the return to school.

2)            Make them feel in control

It’s empowering for children to feel they can control certain things, especially during an uncertain time like this. Emphasise things they can do to fight the spread of the illness like listening to instructions, practising required social distancing and probably the best and easiest one to remember – get into the habit of washing their hands.

3)            Name it to Tame It

According to the University’s report, it helps children to recognise and even name their fears. Speaking about ‘the Worry Monster’ or for older children labelling their worried feelings as anxiety can help them articulate what’s on their minds. According to child clinicians naming the fears goes a long way to coping with them.

4)            Listen Up

Put down your phone and listen intently if your child comes to you with concerns. By giving them attention, and showing you understand and are with them every step of the way helps reassure them that things will be ok. Children look towards adults for how to behave in certain situations so think about how you are reacting and be kind to yourselves because it’s ok for you to have nerves and worries too.

5)            Role Play

Play is a big part of the way we learn. So, why not try role-playing certain situations which your child has identified as worrying them. By playing out situations and finding solutions to problems in a safe environment it will help them be better equipped for any real-life back to school scenarios.

6)            Promote the Positives

Children have missed out on a lot of things because of Covid-19. But now they have some brighter times on the horizon. Ask them what they are enjoying about being back at school? Who or what they had missed the most? And what the best thing that happened during their day was?

7)            Routines Reap Rewards

Of all the tips featured in this article, the authors of the University of Calgary said that establishing a back to school routine is perhaps the most vital. You can build up a sense of calm and control in your children by having routine around meals and setting regular times for going to bed and waking up.

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