North Lanarkshire comes top of UK lifestyle league table

24/04/2019 10:11:54

North Lanarkshire has been named as one of the best places to live in the UK for quality of life.

The area was revealed the best place to get on the ladder for an affordable price and with the least air pollution, according to a national survey.

North and East Ayrshire and Renfrewshire also scored highly while London and several areas in the south-east of England were among the worst places to live, the poll said.

North Lanarkshire came top with an average house price of just £105,280 and a quality air score of 85 meaning home buyers here are paying just £1,239 per quality air point in house prices, compared with £12,427 in the Capital.

Areas in the UK with an excellent air quality rating of over 80 were home to an average house price of £185,808.

The survey used data from Breezeometer’s live Air Quality Map and the Land Registry to look at how air pollution impacts house prices and where the cleanest, most affordable homes reside.

It found that, when it comes to air quality, the areas at the top of the table are also home to the lowest house prices.

Archie Love, director of Scottish Property Centre Motherwell, said: “North Lanarkshire is a great example of a commuter belt area where people enjoy the travel-to-work benefits of a big city with the lifestyle advantages of semi-rural towns.

“It’s no surprise to anyone living here that North Lanarkshire has come top of a UK poll. There are some amazingly affordable properties to be had in this part of the world which more home buyers are discovering.”

A correlation between high house prices and air pollution is to be expected as higher demand for housing pushes up property values while also bringing more people, cars and other polluting factors to an area.”

The average house price began to climb as the quality of air deteriorated, with areas scoring between 70-79 (good/very good) being home to an average price of £208,997. A 60-69 score saw house prices increase to £224,823, while property in areas with an air quality score of 50-59 hit £287,385 on average. It cost £289,868 for the average home in areas with a score of 40-49.

The worst offending areas for air quality where scores ranged between 30-39 were home to the highest average house price of £375,157.

North Ayrshire, Middlesbrough, East Ayrshire, North East Lincolnshire, Renfrewshire, Barnsley, Stoke, Redcar and Cleveland and Blackburn were also some of the most affordable options for a foot on the ladder with the least air pollution.

Unsurprisingly, London was home to the worst mix of property prices and air pollution, with a quality air score of just 38 and an average house price of £472,230 making the capital home to a cost of £12,427 in property for every point scored on the quality air scale.

Sevenoaks, St Albans, Elmbridge, Wokingham, Windsor, Epping Forest, Southend, Brighton and Waverley also made the top 10 for the UK’s worst homeowning options when considering air pollution.

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