Glasgow area brain teaser

28/04/2020 17:12:51

Quiz nights have never been more popular and a Zoom quiz night seems to be part of everyones lockdown week at the moment! So, here’s a wee quiz of our own to keep you busy for a bit (or steal for your next Zoom night).....We got 20/20 but no pressure 😉

Name these Glasgow areas

1. A girl on top of small mountain
2. Play space following a green covering
3. Dwelling place after a Religious Festival
4. Girl before an American city
5. Boy behind a vehicle
6. Home for cuddly toys
7. A girl’s country
8. Jump before the stream
9. Protect a large building
10. Royal playground
11. Pay your dues and get angry
12. Health drink after a large house
13. A clean measure
14. A place of worship following a musical instrument
15. Command a vehicle
16. Heavyweight behind the criminals
17. English city in front of mound
18. Forbid a Scottish town
19. Church leader before the bridges
20. A girl hesitates before a valley

Good Luck

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