Southside update from the Shawlands branch

As we reach the end of the first quarter of 2021 and pass the anniversary of ‘Lockdown 1’, all signs are pointing to a busy few months ahead for the property market in the southside of Glasgow.

The clocks are forward and lighter nights (and hopefully some decent weather!) are on their way. This, combined with the continued easing of lockdown restrictions planned over the coming weeks, will likely see a surge of new sellers coming to the market. People who have been putting plans on hold due to lockdown. And the market is in desperate need of new properties. If you are a regular reader of our monthly newsletter you will know we have been highlighting the shortage of properties for some time now.

This shortage is keeping competition fierce between buyers, resulting in closing dates and therefore bidding wars for the majority of properties. This continues to push values even higher as offers are submitted over and above the home report value and in many cases record sales are being achieved.

With 95% mortgages returning it is bringing more and more buyers into this already competitive market. All of this is creating a perfect storm for sellers, yet to date, we still have a major shortage. But with homeschooling over for most, Spring arriving, vaccinations up and restrictions down then we expect this to improve dramatically over the coming months and year.

Some of our sales during March highlight just how good the current market is if you are selling. And remember all our viewings are carried out safely, with strict guidelines and protocols in place.

Calder Street, Govanhill, G42 – This 2 bed tenement had 49 viewings and 7 offers at the closing date, achieving a sale of almost 20% over the home report value.

Dinmont Place, Shawlands, G41 – 2 bed tenement in the heart of Shawlands had 39 viewings and 14 offers at the closing day, achieving 18% over the home report value.

Burrelton Road, Merrylee, G43 – 3 bed terraced home that had 16 viewings in a week and received 5 offers at the closing date, with a sale of more than 10% over the home report value achieved.

Bowman Street, Govanhill, G42 – This large 1 bed tenement with a dining kitchen had 46 viewings and 14 offers at the closing date. The delighted owner couldn’t have been happier with a sale of almost 30% over the home report value!

Seil Drive, Simshill, G44 – This 2 bed semi detached house ticked a lot of boxes for buyers with a home office and gym! We generated 23 viewings and received 10 offers at the closing date, resulting in a sale of 15% over the home report.

Mallots View, Newton Mearns, G77 – This 4 bedroom detached family home was sold for an exceptional price over the home report value after just 1 day of viewings for the owners!

Like many people, we learned a lot during lockdown.

When the property market went on hold for the best part of twelve weeks, we had time to look at how we did things and to explore new ideas.

Top of our to-do list was to look at ways we could improve what we do for our clients.

The need for social distancing and reducing the risks linked to Covid-19 led us to invest in virtual technology which now allows us to sell and let homes more safely and successfully.
As well as professional HD Video Tours, we’ve introduced a 360-degree camera and mapping software which allows people to take a virtual tour of your home. It’s a very fancy piece of kit, but we see virtual tours as being a ‘must-have’ in the future as buyers and tenants become more tech-savvy.

Most recently, we’ve invested in new systems to streamline and enhance our digital content and communications across our extensive database and social media channels.

We look forward to continuing serving our clients safely, sensibly, and successfully.

Thanks for reading and stay safe.

Craig, Gregor and all the team at Shawlands.

Our current COVID-19 protocol can be viewed here.

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